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The Diamond Zodiac


A diamond ring can say a lot about a woman. The style and shape associates with all women's unique personality traits.


Just like the famous zodiac wheel diamond cuts share characteristics that connect with a woman's identity, charm, and charisma. Your preference in diamond shapes may reflect on who you are or what others see you as. We have identified each diamond cut with different personality types that will be featured on LeZari's social media feed and blogs weekly! We are excited to focus on modern women who captivate the true essence of a diamond! Take a look at the following diamond cut descriptions to see which style matches your personality! Perhaps this can help you narrow down what diamond center will go on your ring finger!


Let the Fun Begin! What type of Woman are you?!


 Round Cut: The round diamond or the brilliant cut is a classic amongst the diamond shapes. The circular shape of the round diamond resembles a concept of eternity that refers to companionship, everlasting love, and marriage. Women who prefer the round diamond tend to have somewhat of a conservative taste and still believe in traditional romance. Some of these characteristics also indicate tendencies to stick to the basics and prefer simple styles that are not too flashy. When you think of the round cut think of a classy woman with a graceful attitude who can wear a splash of sparkle on her ring finger and make it glow effortlessly.


Princess Cut: The princess cut diamond is an extravagant gem with sharp edges similar to a modern independent woman who knows exactly what she wants and strives on reaching her highest potential. The princess cut is the new brilliant round, simple enough to fulfill a four prong setting and edgy enough to make a bold statement. Woman who prefer the princess diamond love the spotlight and bring excitement to nearly everything that they do. They are not short of admirers and prefer to indulge on the greater things in life. This cut resembles admiration, strength, motivation and luxury.


Cushion: The cushion diamond is an antique cut that traces back to the 1400's which makes it a valuable and historical gem. This diamond resembles special qualities such as charm, opulence, romance, and intellect. Women who prefer the cushion cut are very charming as soon as you meet them, not only do they entertain intellectual conversation through their expansive knowledge but indulge in passionate and meaningful relationships. This woman's highest standard includes luxury and wealth but always stays grounded through the foundation of her humble beginnings. The cushion diamond is assertive and requires structure in her routine but always makes time for leisure and quality time with loved ones.


Radiant Cut: The radiant diamond is the trending modern cut that embodies a woman with a flirty personality who can attract a room full of people through her likable qualities. Women who prefer this cut tend to radiate social circles and good conversation with their pleasant and welcoming demeanor. The radiant woman is unconventional she loves reinventing herself physically and in her work place. She masters the balance between keeping you entertained with her bubbly personality and starting up a new project for financial success. The princess and radiant diamond personality share similar qualities because they are fueled by new and exciting endeavors which makes them fun and charismatic people to be around.


Marquise: Status Quo is a perfect term to describe the marquise diamond. Women who prefer the marquise diamond will reach the greatest heights in their lifetime due to their undying ambition. The marquise woman is driven and determined to be number one by all means necessary. The elongated shape on the marquise cut makes the diamond appear larger than it really is. This diamonds elite presentation can be intimidating at first site similar to a woman who wears expensive attire, dines at top notch restaurants and is showered with royalties. Although the marquise woman has superficial qualities the fruits of her labor are acquired through persistence and determination making her one admirable and courageous gem!


Heart: The heart diamond represents magic in love and a life of limitless dreams. Women who prefer the heart shape diamond are dreamers who reach for the stars and believe in everlasting love. These women do not conform to societies typical beliefs and expectations. To outsiders the heart shape woman may seem unrealistic because of her whimsical thought process and creative expression however this type of personality exudes unique imagination that only few are born with. The heart shape diamond is innovative and experiences miracles through success and their love life because of their strong belief in limitless possibilities. When you see the heart shape diamond think of passion, love, creativity, and dreams!


Oval: The Oval symbolizes individualism, tradition, and fertility. The concept behind this gem is associated with children and birth because of it's egg shape. Women who prefer the oval diamond take pride in being amazing mothers and creating a loving family full of tradition. A few qualities you may find in the oval identity is a nurturing woman who favors her role as a mother but is not afraid to work her way up the ladder in the work force. This woman has the ability to excel in her career path and also create a lifetime full of memories with her family. A few of her characteristics resemble the traditional round diamond persona but what makes the oval gem unique is her ability to step out of her comfort zone every now and then and have little fun!


Pear: The pear is a beautiful diamond for individualist's who have a soft side for traditional romance. Women who prefer the pear diamond are trendsetters and fashionistas who display grace through their feminine demeanor. This unique woman marches to the beat of her own drum and is always true to herself. She reaches success under her own rule book with high standards and aspires to attain a loving marriage through traditional partnership. The pear gem is like a chameleon she experiences a little bit of everything. You may find her at high fashion shows, art exhibits yet still enjoy a quiet afternoon at the park with her family. The pear diamond expresses individuality, determination, deep love, and compassion.


Emerald: The Emerald cut represents an old fashioned gem that exudes captivating elegance and confidence. Women who prefer the emerald diamond do not require approval from anyone. This woman appears to have a calm and collective attitude but is a force to be reckoned with. She strives through her goals with in open mind and an open heart but is always assured to succeed because she has already mastered the essence of who she really is. She doesn't have to do much for you to experience her powerful presence, her style and personality is so effortless and elegant that it is strong enough to catch anyone's attention.


Asscher: The Asscher cut is a vintage royalty created by Joseph Asscher. This diamond symbolizes history, elegance, vintage fashion, self- confidence, and individuality. This gem shares common characteristics with the emerald, pear, and marquise diamond. Women who prefer the asscher have also mastered the true essence of their identity. This woman sticks to her traditional belief system and morals but is not afraid to embrace her playful side. The asscher gem is a woman who values royalties and styles herself with vintage classic apparel. She demonstrates unique qualities with self expression and strives to make a name for herself through prestigious family history or well known corporate grounds.

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