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Why you should hire a Wedding Planner

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Wedding Planning 101

Whether you are planning a wedding this summer or next year it is so important to get inspired with ideas on how you would want your dream day to look like. There are so many amazing details that come in to play when envisioning your wedding day like the season, location, catering, decoration, theme, dress, cake design, dessert bar, flower set up, invitations, guest favors..the list goes on. All of this means creativity, new looks, and creating a stylish and memorable event tailored to you and your significant others taste.

Bridal Lifestyle Gurus talk about the importance of hiring a wedding planner all of the time, and while this is a great topic of discussion we wanted to shake it up a bit add a brief interview with one of our favorite wedding planners in LA sharing insight on wedding planning, bridal advice, her favorite looks for SUMMER, and her top wedding event set ups!

Planning a Wedding

Stick around for a 3 Part series of blog articles based on Wedding Planning and Style inspiration on LeZariandCodaily posted every Friday. Get some ideas on themed weddings and find a style that suites you by looking at our top selection of wedding set ups this Summer.

For starters Lets look into the importance of hiring a good Wedding planner. This topic of discussion should help those of you who are in the midst of planning a wedding. We hope the following tips are helpful in making a decision to get assistance for your big event!

Lets Keep it Simple.

We need to to know why you must hire a wedding planner. This is such an easy thing to look over, so perhaps LeZari's Top 5 Reasons as to why you should hire a wedding planner might change your mind.

1. Get the entire package: A good wedding planner is your location/event coordinator, confidant for reassurance and styling advice, organizer, management, mediator, contact person. Hire a wedding planner rather than an independent contractor to do one job for every task. A good wedding planner will go above and beyond to make sure your wedding day is a success because they do it all.

2. Create your vision: A wedding planner will help put together all of your ideas in organized fashion so that you get the best for your buck and get the look you envisioned.

3. Reliable contact for additional services: Your wedding planner can help you make the best decisions on who should cater your wedding event, where you should purchase flower set ups, who should design your cake and dessert setting, and where is the best place to create your invitations and party favors.

4. (A big one) Knowledgeable source: Let's face it, most of us are not wedding/bridal experts so we probably wouldn't know the difference between high and low pricing on certain event services or convenient/friendly locations to run a smooth event. Your wedding planner will make sure to get you from point A-B with the best options, pricing, and make sure everyone has an enjoyable experience.

5. Team work: A wedding event should be a team effort. Do not choose to do it alone or wing it with your closest friends because you would never want to put people you care about in a sticky predicament anyway. Trust that your wedding planner will always have your best interest, take you and your partners ideas and put them into play.

Wedding Planning(1)

Now that we have discussed the importance of hiring a wedding planner we are moving on to the fun stuff next Friday! What is your theme?

LeZari & Co. is from the city so we get the best of both worlds...a beach lifestyle during the summer with good weather and a glamorous urban lifestyle setting. Yes! This is exactly what inspires our engagement/ bridal lifestyle brand. The light-hearted beach life and the city! If we had to choose a few wedding event looks this is what they would look like?

We are excited to share some of our favorite event set ups and style inspiration for you all to browse through. Even the smallest most intimate weddings could be made into a glamorous and stylish setting. Tune in Lezari's Diamond Blog next week to learn more about this topic and get up some fabulous ideas while your at it.

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#happyfriday Hope you guys have a Great 4th of July weekend

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