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White Gold vs. Yellow Gold

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White Gold vs. Yellow Gold

White gold vs. Yellow gold.......it is no secret that all women wear one type of gold more than the other, as a result most women also happen to have a preference between the two.

If you had to choose between wearing white gold or yellow gold everyday which would it be?

Both types of gold have their advantages depending on a woman's individual style, skin tone, and choice of jewelry. For instance, we usually see engagement rings made in 18k white gold and basic everyday wear and cocktail rings in yellow gold. There is no specific balance between the two but they both share advantages and disadvantages. The only difference between the two is the additional metals added along with color.

While trying figure out what style suits me best I realized that visuals is the best way to go. So I put together a few looks to help make the ultimate decision.

White Gold:

  • white gold is considered more pure for diamond settings
  • rhodium plating wears off over time
  • white gold enhances center stone brilliance
  • white is perfect for engagement rings and diamond pendant necklaces

Yellow Gold:

  • classic metal (royal jewelry)
  • yellow gold does not require re-plating after time
  • does no require re-plating
  • lower risk of allergic reaction
  • The higher carat yellow gold is subject to scratches (22K +)
  • great color for necklaces, bracelets, watches, stables


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