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What is a Split Shank?

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What about the Split-shank?

We see this design featured on hundreds of different diamond ring settings. The split shank setting stood out today because there are so many ways in which this design can be styled and embellished to create the ultimate engagement ring.

First of all a Split-shank is simply a ring design that splits two strands reaching the center of a ring head. This is perfect feature for a large stone setting balancing out the size of the ring.

Here are some advantages of the split-shank ring...

  • provides great stability to a large gem
  • brilliance can be increased by embellishing micro pave set diamonds
  • the split-shank is not limited to one strand, but also looks great with double layers
  • french pave one of the best settings for split shank rings
  • The double strands reaching the center of a ring give an effect of a floating diamonds

Split Shank ring settings are often seen on vintage style rings; the great thing about LeZari & Co.'s engagement setting selections is that we offer both Vintage / antique style split shank rings and modern split shank ring options.

Take your pick! -------> www.lezari.com/rings

Split-shank large center
Micro Pave Split-Shank baguettesSplit-shank Micor pave cushion halo

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