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What is a Diamond's Carat Weight?

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Carats are one of the Four C's of Diamonds and they refer to the weight of a stone. A carat is a world renowned unit of measurement regarding the weight of a diamond, gemstone, pearl, etc. The exact weight of one carat is equal to 200 milligrams, or one fifth of a gram. Carats can be used to describe the weight of a single stone or the total weight of stones on a piece of jewelry. Often times jewelers refer to carats as "points"; where a 0.25 carat stone would be equal to 25 points. This term is often used for stones that weight under a full carat.

Depending on the cut of the diamond, the carat weight may have proportional relationships with others aspects of the diamond. For example, due to the fact that a round diamond has a standard proportional figure, the carat weight of a round diamond has a relationship with the stone's diameter. This is helpful if you need to find both the diameter and carat weight of a diamond and you only have knowledge of one of them.

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