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Top 5 things that highlight the importance of Fine Jewelry

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Have you ever wondered why fine pieces of gold and platinum jewelry covered in diamonds are considered an investment for most people? What do you think is the value of purchasing high priced pieces of jewelry? If so is it worth it to you?

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This series of questions are so important because most of us nowadays are not well informed on the value of high quality jewelry nor do we differentiate between fine jewelry and fashion jewelry. The jewelry market has changed consumers perspective on this topic through new styling and fashion trends constantly hitting popular billboards and television ads. Therefore a better question for women would be... Do you prefer to wear an 18k gold ring set for every-day-wear or purchase a store bought lower quality metal ring set? Does the Value of these things matter to you?

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The tradition of exchanging and giving one another diamond jewelry is a custom that traces back to ancient time periods. Women received royal diamond pieces such as brochettes, tiaras, or diamond bracelets for special occasions. Diamond rings also became a symbol of love and unity between two people. Diamonds were presented during extravagant events and wedding occasions, rarely were they ever considered casual wear.

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This tradition has carried on to today's generation. However new fine jewelry designers in the market have transformed jewelry and diamonds by designing high quality rings, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces for your everyday wear or exclusive pieces for elegant gowns and fancy nights out on the town.

A few mainstream names in the market we know are


Tiffany & Co.

Verragio is fair to say that they have changed the face of jewelry throughout the last decade.

Staff Journalist Dean Miller from the Jeweller Magazine suggest that there is a fine line between fine jewelry and fashion jewelry in his article What is Fine Jewellry? He gathered an extensive amount of insight from jewelers and retailers in the industry to define this term. Something they all had in common is the idea that fine jewelry can be distinguished by high quality materials, durability, and seasoned jewelers craftsmanship. A few interesting comments that stood out to us were the following...

- Haab argued by definition fine jewellery must be made from fine materials and gems of fine quality and make and assembled with fine skills.

-Kathryn Grey entered the discussion and suggested fine jewellery should be something made to endure over a long period of time. She suggested that both fine and fashion jewellery had a place in the market, but it was when one was represented as the other that there was a concern.

-“To me "fine" jewellery represents the best in its class and has been made with precision and skill by a finely trained craftsperson,” added Simon Grew another NSW jeweller.

Overall this topic still seems to be up for debate because of all of the broad definitions of fine jewelry. Perhaps it would be best to suggest that the true definition of fine jewelry is all based on perspective.

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From a Woman's point of view I wrote my TOP 5 reasons as to why I think Fine Jewelry is valuable and I would much rather purchase a fine 18k gold ring set rather then a lower quality base metal ring set.

1. Durability: If I am wearing thin eternity bands or micro pave yellow gold rings everyday I need them to last. Only high quality metals could withstand daily errands, house chores, and routine while doing work.

2. Meaning: I am mostly likely to wear a piece of jewelry frequently if it had special meaning behind it or if it was given to me by someone important in my life. I would consider it a long lasting fine piece of jewelry.

3. Material/ Texture: Fine gold feels different on your skin than low quality metals. Fine gold does not itch, irritate skin, or decay after a certain amount of time.

4. Investment: The way most women would consider a high priced pair of designer shoes an investment fine gold shares the same value. It is better to have one really good set of diamond studs earrings or rings than 5 disposables.

5. Every woman should own at least one diamond ring whether it is a promise ring, wedding ring, or mother daughter birth stone matching ring. It gives an opportunity to build tradition and culture within your family tree.

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