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Top 5 Proposals

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The Proposal... It was difficult to narrow down our top 5 best wedding proposals for spring because there are thousands of ways to say "Will you marry me?". You'll want it to be thoughtful, memorable, creative, and very romantic. Whether you decide to make it an intimate event between you and your loved one or include family and friends you can use our top 5 picks to inspire your proposal.

The Creative: If she likes big surprises the creative is a perfect choice! Include any details you know she would like whether it is a garden of roses, art, a chocolate fountain, or pictures. Use the back yard or choose 1 room in the house and set up a wall of her favorite colored roses. Create a Life size banner big enough to cover the yard or room and create a picture with a diamond ring or simply write 'will you marry me?" You can even hire a band to come play her favorite song upon her arrival. The details on a creative proposal are limitless. As long as you make a bold statement this option should be a success!

Destination: Inspired by travelers! Buy plane tickets to a destination on her bucket list and create a "Will you marry me" set up for a spontaneous get away. A suggestion can be a romantic dinner on a roof top or beach front setting. Plan for a three course meal and let the dessert tray come with plane tickets and the note while you get down on one knee and present her engagement ring.

Family & Friends: Take her on a helicopter ride and invite family and friends to hold up a life size banner that say's "Will you marry me" upon landing. Ask friends for help to create large banner and set up a time and place to meet for the surprise.

Romantic: Take her on a road trip or back to the first getaway location you guys went on. Include any details that remind you of the first getaway together, whether is was specific restaurant, tourist town, or secluded place only you two know of. Rent a vespa or scooter and ride to a location with a candle lit dinner set up and enjoy the rest of the weekend doing the same activities you guys did when you first met.

Minimalist: If you want to keep it simple and meaningful you can plan something intimate and tailored to her taste. Choose her favorite activity...this can be a long hike, boat ride, or rock climbing. Set up a sky ride sign that say's will you marry me and get down on one knee.

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