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Three Engagement Ring designs you should know about

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Hi friends! Its Friday and we must share an important topic of discussion. Ring Design! While shopping for her proposal ring get to know three basic ring styles that will compliment a diamond center stone. These simple details are essential to creating a breath taking bridal set or Diamond Engagement Ring.

The feeling of wearing a brilliant flashy diamond ring on your finger is unexplainable. Ask any woman who has received her dream engagement ring. All engagement rings have different setting designs and fit a woman's finger according to her ring size and style. The three most complimentary designs that you will see on most of LeZari & Co. ring collection are the twist shank, halo rings, double halo setting, and milgrain engraving. Look at the following three visual ring graphics to get familiar with fine jewelry craftsmanship.

Screen shot 2015-07-17 at 12.58.24 PM

The twist shank is an over lapping design that is usually braided along the shank of a ring setting. This look is associated with the eternity symbol representing a long lasting relationship. Aside from it's symbolic context the appearance of the braided design is very stylish and adds substance to a solid solitaire center stone.

 Of course the twist shank makes an amazing bridal set and also creates a strong base for the basket of a halo style ring. Whenever you are searching the web or skimming through different styles notice the twist shank design on engagement rings and beautifully they compliment different diamond cuts such as the oval diamond, pear shape, classic round center, and cushion cut.

Screen shot 2015-07-17 at 12.58.54 PM

The double halo! One of LeZari's top choices! Consider this look a stylish re-creation of the classic halo ring. As you know a halo design is simply a boarder of small brilliant diamonds surrounding a center stone. The double halo has become extremely popular within the past couple of years. This look maximizes the brilliance of most diamond cuts and elevates a diamond center between a four prong setting. 

The great thing about the double halo is that it can be mixed and matched with different colors diamonds such as light pinks, sapphires, or fancy yellow beauties. Not only does LeZari's engagement ring collection have a halo section tab but we have bridal set choices such as this weeks #ringoftheweek 

Check out style #E709 for details!

Screen shot 2015-07-17 at 12.57.41 PM

When you see engraving think vintage accents and avant-garde looks! Milgrain engraving is very common on engagement rings and makes wonderful filigree designs. Milgraining consists of small dotted circles that border wedding bands, the shank area, a diamond gallery, and prong center. Master jewelers get creative and milgrain boarders between a split-shank ring such as the one seen on LeZari's image above. This ancient art gives engagement rings an antique feel and can easily be integrated with a modern semi-mount. Take a look at LeZari & Co.'s Crown halo baguette ring for inspiration! you might consider getting that upgrade after seeing this gorgeous setting....take a look!

style #J5102

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