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The Value of a Ladies it worth the purchase?

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What's the big fuss about Ladies rings anyway? Do they hold significant value? Are diamond fashion rings worth the purchase?

These are all important questions people ask themselves when considering buying a high quality ring filled with brilliant gems. For years Ladies rings have been considered an artistic form of jewelry design in the Fine Jewelry world. The value of Ladies rings or the classic term "Cocktail Rings" were known as precious gifts given to one another as a token of love.

This meaning came from the traditional engagement ring. During the Edwardian and Art deco era in fine jewelry the creation of rings made of high quality metals set with a large sparkling gem. During the transition of vintage art jewelry to the modern generation of fine jewelry fashion forward ladies ring began to make their mark in the retail industry.

All of a sudden vintage jewelry art designers who once created pieces with abstract shaped gems on gold and platinum metal rings where recognized for there pioneering craftsmanship. Fine Jewelry companies began to collaborate with jewelry designers and famous moguls which influenced recognition for Jewelry as a form of art.

Although this topic is still debatable diamond "Cocktail Rings" created a historic foundation in Old Hollywood vintage glamour. Ladies rings were reborn in the modern age of Fine Jewelry. Celebrities, Actresses, Royal Icons, and Wealthy citizens where known to pay top dollar for precious gems and high priced jewelry. As we know this has transitioned to today's glamorous red carpet events and high fashion photo shoots through out the world.

Is Jewelry considered Wearable Art? Is it Worth the Purchase?

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Freelance writer Victoria Gomelsky suggests this is a passionate topic of debate in New York Times 2014 fashion & style jewelry article.

In recent years, the term “wearable art” has gained currency, usually in describing a jewel with sculptural qualities or elaborate construction. But when, or whether, fine jewelry qualifies as art remains a topic of passionate debate.

LeZari & Co.'s considers our elegant ladies rings an investment for all women. These stunning pieces of jewelry do not wear off and hold great value to anyone's jewelry collection throughout a lifetime. Whether it is our simple everyday micro pave fashion rings or our extravagant diamond covered statement rings our selection of fine jewelry offers excellent material and great meaning to all of our customers.

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