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The "Prong" setting

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There are a few "prong" setting selections on Lezari & Co.'s Pret-a-Porter tab I would like share with you. For those of you who fancy simple looks and prefer to stick with the classic style rings, the prong setting is your best choice.

Thankfully we have a great selection of prong settings on Lezari's Pret-a-Porter tab and Engagement ring section. Our ring styles range from classic halo's with a prong center, to antique style rings featuring elegant designs. There is no specific guideline to choosing the perfect ring, this is simply based on your personal taste. I love antique style rings for their unique look and intricate detail such as milgrain design and etching around gold band and ring head. Although the word "Prong" is often paired with Soltraire rings the claw shaped setting can be featured on all types of designs.

What is a prong? 

Prong Setting:

The "Prong" style setting is a classic design consisting of 4-6 claws that secure the center stone of a ring. This type of setting has a binding affect holding a center stone firmly on the crown of a ring. Prongs are typically seen on solitaire engagement rings but also look great on different diamond cut such as emeralds, pear shapes, ovals, and heart shape diamonds.

A great advantage of the "Prong" setting style is it's ring basket open gaps allow the diamond center to expose it's light and brilliance to it's fullest potential. The prongs on a ring head can hold the most fragile gem securely. I added one of our featured engagement pieces available on our Pre-A-Porter tab or "finished rings" ----> Take a look!

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