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The Oval Diamond Engagement Ring

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LeZari's is showcasing the Oval Diamond this week. A classy diamond cut that shines bright and displays wonderful brilliance through it's wide surface. Oval shape diamond cuts are characterized by there round and length-to-width ratio surface area.

One amazing thing about purchasing an Oval shape diamond engagement ring is it's slimming look on the ring finger. The long and wide exterior elongates the ring finger and creates a slender effect.

The Oval diamond cut was created in the 60's, so it would be fair to say that this cut is a Modern version of the classic round halo. The amazing thing about it the Oval is that it shine just as bright!

The faceting style of this diamond cut is responsible for it's magnificent brilliance. The oval diamond cut generally consists of 56-58 facets that helps illuminate a flash and sparkle effect. In other words, depending on the color, clarity, and size of this diamond you could probably spot it from a mile away.

While there are countless designs to go through we wanted to highlight one of LeZari & Co.'s stunning Modern Oval halo diamond engagement rings this week. Style E5069 is a Large Oval Halo split shank double row diamond ring. The semi-mount is made in fine18k white gold and incrusted with U-pave set round brilliant diamonds around a 4 prong center halo and split shank area. You also have the option re-creating this halo design and letting us help you find a glamorous Oval colored diamond center.

Find more details, Via-microscope close up, and exclusive live video on our product page! (or click on product images to go to LeZari.com)

Oval diamond engagement this week

Oval diamond shape ring

Get Inspired by our TOP 3 Favorite Celeb Bride Oval Diamond Engagement Rings

All three styles consist of modern and vintage style engagement rings. A few setting styles to consider while envision your dream diamond ring are....

  • A 4 prong setting style: creating a solid and clean look for the oval center
  • The Modern halo setting: a perfect setting for colored diamonds and extra sparkle around the oval center stone

    Don't be afraid to use color! Fancy Yellows and Pink sapphire gems can also make a luxurious and sophisticated Oval diamond Engagement Ring

  • The Bezel setting: A vintage setting style setting often referred to during the Edwardian time period. The bezel setting can be designed into a modern look or vintage styled ring depending on the detail. A few suggestions could be to cover bezel and shank of the ring with brilliant micro pave set diamonds the way you see them on Katie Holmes engagement or add accent stone on each side of the center. (#styleyourring)

Blake Livelys Oval diamond ring

Large Oval Halo Diamond RingKaties Oval Ring

Don't forget to to Tune in to Next weeks RING of the Week for a New Diamond Engagement Ring look with setting style and ring design ideas!

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