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The Modern Diamond Ring

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The Modern Diamond Engagement Ring

What is your idea of a modern engagement ring? What is so fascinating about the halo ring design? 

The halo engagement ring design has continuously been recreated year after year since the 1920's. The halo became extremely popular during the Art Deco Era and the Victorian Era. During this time period diamonds and fine jewelry craftsmanship was in a constant state of change producing new inventive styles in accessories and fashion trends. 

While some women prefer to stick to the classic solitaire engagement ring the NEW classic is transitioning to the halo design. Just like the solitaire ring setting that consists of 4-6 sturdy prongs holding a sparkling center stone the halo also presents a similar look. 

The halo ring exhibits a solid look through its combination of tiny delicately set brilliant round Micro pave set diamonds and the large bright center stone. This combination produces a solid look that is not over the top but still gleams beautifully under the light. Some women see this new look as the epitome of elegance and simplicity, a perfect ring for everyday-wear. 

One of the most important perks of the halo it's ability to compliment any diamond cut or color you choose. Whether it is a pink cushion cut diamond or a fancy yellow oval stone the halo will always balance and show your diamonds brilliance.

What does Modern really mean anyway?

Now a days everyone has their own definition of what a modern style look likes. The term Modern is closely related to contemporary trends meaning style in the present. Today's New era of fashion is building a foundation of solid looks in color and plane layouts.

Yes the halo ring was created in a vintage time period but it's enhanced design and amazing development throughout the years always presents something new and exciting. The halo design emphasizing characteristics of modern trends and its history is what has given it a title of the New Classic diamond Engagement Ring. 

LeZari & Co.'s RIng of the Week Style: E1057

This week we chose style E5107 a stunning cushion halo setting as a representation for the Modern Diamond Engagement Ring. This piece is filled beautiful micro pave set diamonds around the halo and ring design. 

The double four prong setting can hold a 1 carat square or princess cut stone if you would like a contrast in the center's shape. As you can see the accent stones within the diamond swirl on each side of the center make perfect touch creating a finished look for this diamond engagement selection. 

For more details and close ups please visit style E5107's product page. All center stone available upon request! 


Style E5017

Style E5017

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