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The Emerald Gemstone (Inspired by St. Patricks Day)

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Happy St. Patrick's Day! We decided to get a little bit of insight on the Emerald gem to go with today's holiday theme. 

Here are some interesting facts about emerald diamonds along with emerald jewelry inspired looks.

Emeralds are typically used for fine pieces of jewelry such as luxurious diamond necklaces, bracelets, royal diamond pendants, and gorgeous ladies rings. Read through the following fascinating details about this beautiful green gem.

  • The oldest emerald gems in the world come from Zimbabwe
  • Colombia ranks the highest in list of countries to produce the finest emerald colored gems
  • List of countries to produce Emerald diamonds: Zambia, Brazil, Colombia, Zimbabwe, Pakistan, India, Afghanistan, and Russia.
  • Deep green emeralds are found in Zambia
  • Trace elements that cause the color green are Chromium, vanadium, and Iron. The presence of these elements determine the intensity of the green.
  • emeralds are one of the softest gems known to man kind
  • emerald gemstones are easily prone to internal fractures under high heat and display all inclusions.
  • according to archeologists Egyptians where the first to mine emeralds and spread fine green gem stones around european countries.

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