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The Cushion shape diamond

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The Cushion shape diamond was first created in the 19th century when diamonds were still cut by hand.The cushion cut diamond was referred to as an old mine cut that has a squared shape and round corners with a large faceted culet.

Cushion Diamond

Cushion shape stones feature a square round look; this old world charm was cut and polished specifically to give a diamond depth.

Cushion Ratio

Cushion Engagement Ring

Interesting Fact: The cushion cut diamond is known as the candlelight diamond because of its large square facet. The faceting on a cushion cut stone creates soft lighting through its depth, similar to a candle light.

Things to know:

  • A cushion cuts ratio runs from 1.1 to 1.2
  • consists of 58 facets
  • the best setting for a cushion cut diamond should have 4 prongs to help secure the stone

Cushion Cut

The cushion shape diamond has been around over 200 years but is still one of the most popular shapes next the classic round cut used for engagement rings. Over the years jewelers have reinvented the cushion diamond by creating unique settings that feature split shanks, the double halo crown, adding mill grain and micro pave set diamonds.

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