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The Luxurious Oval Engagement Ring

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RIng of the Week

LeZari's Oval engagement setting is a luxurious ring that glistens from afar but does not distract with an overbearing design. The Oval shape continues to be one of the top selected diamonds cuts in today's modern engagement ring.

You do not have to stick to the basic round center diamond. The oval offers the same kind of elegance with a slender setting that will compliment the size of any woman's ring finger. This weeks engagement ring is decorated with a beautiful etched design and milgraining to showcase a small beaded pattern along the band. The detailed etching meshes perfectly with thin boarders connected to the basket of the ring.

The artistry on this piece creates a classical vintage styled setting. The great thing about this cut is that it is very forgiving, whether you choose a four prong setting or bezel set base the oval will always shine with elegance.

In this weeks case our ring of the week features a beautiful halo semi-mount. The halo is delicately set between prongs as a boarder and enhances the size of a diamond. With a design like this you can get the best of both worlds. Style J5041's shape presents luxury through its captivating bright diamonds and also shows characteristics of Victorian era ring designs.


It's shank is embellished with brilliant round diamonds to showcase a flash and sparkle along both sides of the ring. There are so many ways to wear the oval engagement ring, consider buying her a ring with all three components..sparkle, style, and elegance! Check out more oval shape and halo selection under LeZari's Engagement Ring collection.

The Fancy Yellow Engagement Ring

What do you think about the fancy yellow diamond for your proposal? While you shop around for right selection we urge you to try something different. Fancy yellow diamonds have made a big buzz in today's bridal jewelry industry. Jewelers who were once dealing with the classic selection of colorless diamond centers are now getting requests [...]

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The Modern Antique Diamond Engagement Ring

One of the best things about diamonds is the constant recreation of fine jewelry designs that helps a diamond center stand out. Your diamond engagement ring can be anything you envision through the art of fine jewelry. On our latest blog post we talked about the top 3 engagement ring designs you should know about. This [...]

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Lezari & Co.'s Double Halo center bridal set

Hi friends! #happywednesday It is all about the Bridal Sets this week! We are showcasing diamonds in uniform and sharing insight on the value of purchasing a bridal set. While shopping for your dream engagement ring consider the matching wedding band a bonus to creating a finished diamond engagement ring look. The matching eternity band [...]

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The Oval Diamond Engagement Ring

LeZari's is showcasing the Oval Diamond this week. A classy diamond cut that shines bright and displays wonderful brilliance through it's wide surface. Oval shape diamond cuts are characterized by there round and length-to-width ratio surface area. One amazing thing about purchasing an Oval shape diamond engagement ring is it's slimming look on the ring [...]

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The channel setting

There are so many things to learn about ring settings. Today we are looking at details about the channel setting design and why this style semi-mount makes a fantastic choice for an engagement ring. The channel setting consists of two borders made of fine gold with diamond accents set perfectly in between two walls creating [...]

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Large Engagement Ring Settings by LeZari: Our top 3 glamour rings

LeZari & Co. features a stunning selection of glamorous semi-mounts in our engagement rings tab. We decided to start off our week with our collection of statement bridal rings.Not all large engagement rings necessarily have to break the bank. Thankfully we have a luxurious selection of pieces with incredible pricing. The setting style you choose [...]

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Friday Five

This week has been all about Engagement rings. We have been talking about details on gorgeous engagement ring styles, choosing our favorite looks on social media, and made our Ring of the week an engagement selection! After going over important tips on How to choose an engagement ring I figured I could choose a batch of [...]

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What is a Split Shank?

What about the Split-shank?We see this design featured on hundreds of different diamond ring settings. The split shank setting stood out today because there are so many ways in which this design can be styled and embellished to create the ultimate engagement ring.First of all a Split-shank is simply a ring design that splits two [...]

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Micro Pave

This mosaic style setting continues it's popularity with all types of diamond jewelry. This delicate style setting of tiny embedded diamonds originates back to cobble stone setting on european roadways.Here is some brief interesting information to know about the Micro pave diamond setting technique. Micro pave settings display a honey comb like pattern filled with [...]

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