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A New Taste of Diamonds

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The Modern Engagement Ring

Your choice of an engagement ring is very personal and something that needs to be well thought out. Now a days we are looking for that fresh look! The idea is to make the best impression for your proposal and match your selected ring with her style.

Thinking of the design as art will help you see the difference between the settings offered in a selection of engagement rings. Our Ring of the Week is a combination of a modern and vintage style setting. The layers that make up the entire body of the split shank are decorated with beautiful brilliant diamonds. A ring like this is meant for those of you who want to take the classic solitaire in a different direction and choose a piece that makes a statement.

Using a selection of different diamond shapes and sizes in one setting is what creates an innovative look that is assured to shine bright on her ring finger. The question now is...How much is too much?

Layers and different shape diamonds are perfectly okay to use in moderation. For example some people like the trilogy design where the center of the setting consists of one large diamond and two accent stones. This could range from a brilliant round diamond or oval cut with two pear cut accent stones. The choices of adding diamonds and customizing your ring are endless but in this weeks case the selection of center stones are distinct.

Ring of the Week (Style T544)

The round center on style T544 is a solid round cut bordered with layers of fine gold from top to bottom. In between the split shank you can see beautiful baguette diamonds attached to each side of the center creating more light in the front area of the ring. Two small rounds display a subtle flash at the end of each baguette. Overall this weeks Top pick is a winner!

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Style T544

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