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Rose Gold

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Blush tones and light pink color schemes have made their mark through modern/ couture runway fashion shows. Light pink is romantic, timeless, and looks great on all skin tones. Although Rose Gold gold traces back to the Victorian Era this unique mixture of metals has re-established a soft and fashion forward vintage look in fine jewelry.

Rose Gold is a mixture of fine yellow gold and copper. The intensity of the pink/rose tone depends on the percentage of copper combined with fine yellow gold. Rose gold was referred to as Russian gold during the 19th Century. The pink hue was seen as a romantic color in fine jewelry and considered extremely fashionable amongst Russians.

Today's Fine Jewelry trends consist of designs created in the 20's, Retro Era, Art Deco Era, and Golden age. We are constantly re-inventing jewelry design and bringing back vintage trends. The great thing about rose gold is that it displays a soft and neutral look that compliments almost any style whether it is a modern design or antique Jewelry pieces.

Here are Tuesday's Rose Gold Jewelry selections featured on www.lezari.com PRESS & SHOP! :)

E1001-2 E197-2 F160-3 SPO1196-2

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