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The Fancy Yellow Engagement Ring

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What do you think about the fancy yellow diamond for your proposal? 

Fancy Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring (T5014)

While you shop around for right selection we urge you to try something different. Fancy yellow diamonds have made a big buzz in today's bridal jewelry industry. Jewelers who were once dealing with the classic selection of colorless diamond centers are now getting requests for fancy diamonds to be set on a solitaire semi-mount and halo ring setting. 

When shopping for Engagement Rings it is normal to make all of the considerations in the world before choosing the perfect piece. Fifteen years ago anyone would have said that choosing a fancy yellow diamond for a proposal is extremely bizarre, however the beauty of color has finally come to light for the modern bride. 

The yellow diamond has never been recognized as a symbol of marriage, unity, and lifetime of love. These fancy colored gems have always been admired as a precious gift exchange to honor relationship mile stones, family tradition, or birthdays. While the fancy yellow diamond can make a wonderful anniversary gift or lovely diamond necklace piece it is now seen as modest ring.

Style T5014

LeZari's Ring of the Week is a Fancy yellow diamond with a classical oval shape setting. This piece has a beautiful layout of glistening diamonds on each side of it's band. The shank connects three parallel rows of u-pave set diamonds to the basket center. A sparkle and flash is highlighted on both sides of the ring in contrast to the fancy yellow center. 

Style T5014 includes a master jewelers traditional trick in the book. The basket is surrounded buy a yellow gold cup placed under the diamond to highlight the brilliance. The yellow color can range from a saturated hue to a pale pastel yellow. The yellow gold detail allows it's intensity to be reflected through the light. 

For the full experience please visit the #ringoftheweek product page and watch LeZari's live video showing the brilliance of this weeks fancy yellow diamond engagement ring.

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