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The Enchanting Princess cut Solitaire Diamond Ring

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Style E5084

LeZari's definition of the princess cut is the brilliant reinvention. It has only been since the 70's that the squared diamond became popular in the engagement ring market. The square cut has become the diamond of strength and beauty, similar characteristics that mirror a woman's most valuable traits. Aside from its sharp edges and distinct look the princess cut presents gracefulness through it's lustrous layout. 

The large number of facets on this diamond extract fantastic lighting. Whether you choose a soft pink gem, a fancy yellow diamond, or a bright white center stone you are guaranteed to create an amazing engagement ring. It is the shape and size that execute true essence of royalty. 

LeZari's Ring of the Week style E5084 is a simple fine gold setting that show cases a beautiful princess cut diamond. The detail on this setting features a vintage design with a squared shape and four prong basket. If you look closely at the center holding the square cut diamond it's design illustrates the shape of a tower or a build you would find in the city. The artistry on the ring is also vintage characteristics that are composed through the bands milgraining. 

Style E5084

Along with this engagement rings detail the luxury is highlighted with beautiful square cut accent stones to compliment the center diamond. 

What is there not to like in a diamond cut that share a little bit of everything. If the color of the diamond is a concern remember that this diamond is a forgiving cut. It's large number of facets form perfectly on the flat surface and do not highlight inclusions. 

Visit style E5084 on our product page to see all angles of this style closely. Shop or Browse on www.LeZari.com

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