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Sophisticated Diamond Engagement Settings > LeZari & Co.'s Ring of the Week

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The term Sophisticated or Sophistication in diamonds is associated with a Jewelers elite ring design. When you think of a sophisticated diamond Engagement Ring think of a ring that shines so bright it will make your eye squint from a mile away and as you move closer you could witness a symmetrical base that forms a delicate look.

Thin rows of micro pave and channel set diamonds make a wonderful component when designing a modern engagement ring. The goal is to acquire captivating sparkle and present a classy diamond setting. This week we chose style E5055 from LeZari & Co.'s Engagement Ring selection to represent the sophisticated diamond ring.

Our Ring of the Week has split shank rows connected to the basket of the semi-mount. Bright round diamonds are pave set and surround baguette accent stones on each side of the ring. This combination of diamonds is flashy enough to be seen from a distance and still embody an elegant look. Designs like style E5055 show off lustrous beauty through its graceful combination of diamonds and minimal design.

Your diamond center is assured to stand out with a ring style like this. If you are interested in buying or creating a sophisticated Engagement Ring we can help! While searching through our Engagement Ring collection see what styles suite you and if you are interested in creating a ring with your own twist contact us with an example of what you are looking for.

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