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Matching Ring Set Ready-to-Go

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An ideal situation is to find an engagement ring that looks beautiful and is made sturdy enough to last a life time. Throughout the years re-sizing or small changes are always normal, however the setting of a ring should always remain.

With our top selection this week this is all possible.



We don't want to bore you with a long list of reasons why you should buy this specific wedding set, but we do want to show you our favorite components of what we feel is an ideal engagement ring selection. Take this short blog as a spark of inspiration and some insight to help you choose your engagement ring. 

First of all the look on style J705 is modern and clean. If you notice the surface area is not too thick and is decorated with brilliant round diamonds. As we have mentioned in our blog styling before, when you choose an engagement ring make sure that the design and details do not

exceed 3-4 constituents. 

It is almost like the amount of ingredients and seasoning you use in cooking. If you over do it the taste can be overbearing. The same thing goes for the creative process of jewelry design. You want to maximize the glistening presentation of your diamonds. In order to do this it is essential you keep your design selection in balance. 

A good example is our PRET-A-PORTE matching ring set. A round halo setting with a beautiful curved matching eternity band. The uniformed look on both of the rings compliment each other perfectly through the setting style and diamonds size.The eternity band stands alone but correlates beautifully next the round base of the halo crown. 

It's artistic thin and shining shape is so elegant and presents a solid row of diamonds that follow half way through the shank.


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