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Weekend Glamour

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This weekend we are shopping for Diamond Earrings! Not only do a good set of fine gold earrings encrusted with brilliant diamonds make an amazing gift they will also serve justice to that beautiful dress that's been sitting in your closet for months. We are all guilty of it! Most of us have that one dress that we buy and say we are saving for a special occasion. So here is an opportunity to match a gorgeous pair of earrings to that dress!

LeZari & Co. is definitely a go-to for Engagement Rings and ring settings, however we have recently added jewelry selections to share with you. We now have a variety of products available for casual everyday wear and fine jewelry glamour pieces for special occasions.

Whether you are getting ready for a proposal, shopping for a special gift, or looking for a pair of earrings you will be able to find it all on our website. For those of you enjoying a relaxed weekend and searching the web for a few more wish list items stop by our jewelry collections and take a look at stunning jewelry pieces.

Shopping is a skill and it takes practice to find valuable pieces to invest in. As women most of us share this hobby which is why LeZari loves indulging in our favorite product selection through our weekly jewelry posts!


(Double click on the following earring selections and check out our product page)

  1. Inside out Diamond Hoop Earrings: Style N812


2. 14K White gold Inside out Diamond Hoops earrings with a prong setting: Style SPO812


3. White & Yellow Diamond Chandelier Earrings: Style L805


4. Modern Dangling Lattice Diamond Earrings: Style E859


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