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A Desirable Engagement Ring

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What makes a Desirable Engagement Ring ?

Most women explain that any engagement ring is desirable according to your personal taste. While this statement is true we would like to argue that the design of a ring plays a dominant role in this topic of discussion. It's all about presentation and balance. This means that the design you choose should be just enough to compliment the diamond center. The details should not go over or under. A rings artistry is an important component that should match perfectly with your diamond cut.

When you look at your best friends lustrous engagement ring or girlfriends new gleaming bridal set it is one specific detail that keeps you staring a few seconds longer. For instance accent stones. A solid white gold band with accent stones to match a princess cut diamond center is a bold choice that presents a clean and graceful look. It is really about choosing 1-2 details to create an exquisite base for that beautiful shiny rock

Another wonderful example of this is our top Engagement Ring selection this week. Style J5135 consists of a split shank encrusted with brilliant round diamonds. The two rows curve and connect to a small group of 4 accent stones seen on each side of the ring. Both of these selected designs create a graceful and strong balance for a round or cushion cut center. The curve of the split shank is essential to the size of your diamond center. If you decide to a go a little bigger on the stone size the design of the setting will be more than enough to support a large diamond and finish the glamorous look.

To answer the golden question, what makes an engagement ring desirable is the balance in design. Do not afraid to be specific and selective on your engagement ring. While the masses of option can be tempting choosing two good designs will help you get the most of that elegant and graceful look. Take a look at style J5135's video to see the brilliance in the split shank and round center. Watching the video live will give a new perspective on what this ring would look like in person! 

Ring of the Week Style J5135

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