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Tips on how to choose an engagement ring

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Finding the perfect engagement ring is a process. The goal is to create a ring that matches your taste and style but also represents an important part of your life. This is why details such as shape, design, setting style, and size are critical. Here are some tips on how to choose your engagement ring. These suggestions should help you consider what options or ring design works best for you.

Tips on choosing an engagement ring

1. Having a shape and ring style in mind is an important part of the process. Browse the internet or look through Lezari & Co.'s engagement ring selection to decide on your favorite look. Shopping online has become second nature to us, we can find anything on the internet. Gather a few images with ring styles that will help you narrow down a final engagement ring design.

2. Once you decide on the shape and ring style look into details of the 4C's. Your center stone should have a specific Cut, Carat size, Color, and Clarity. These details will determine the brilliance of your ring. You want find a high quality gem that fits within your price range whether you decide on a round 5CT center or a fancy yellow cushion cut diamond.

3. The ring setting determines the over all look of an engagement ring. You can choose a double halo setting with a split-shank band or modern solid style micro pave ring for a large cushion center. Engraving and etching along sides of a band can also creates unique traits for a design. If you decide that you want specific features on your ring consider custom design with LeZari & Co. We have been creating custom design rings for our clients over 15 years > find more details on our custom design tab! We can help!

Custom Design engagement rings

4. Choose your metal. Fine 18K white gold is the standard metal used for engagement rings; however platinum, yellow gold, and rose gold also make beautiful engagement pieces. If you want to change it up a bit see what a yellow gold royal engagement style ring would look like or a modern rose gold micro pave setting with a brilliant white center would look like.

5. Finally after confirming all of these details negotiate a reasonable price range. You have the option of buying a finished ring or creating a custom design engagement piece tailored to your size. If you need ideas look through our engagement ring gallery. We offer everything from finished engagement rings, 3 stone trellis rings, solitaire, micro pave, halo, antique, and large settings. All center stones on our setting are available upon request; we can help you find a beautiful center for the setting of your choice.

LeZari & Co. engagement rings

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