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Romantic at heart? Here are some tips to add Romance to your Proposal Ideas

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Romance and Engagement Proposals go hand in hand - here are some tips to add to your list of ideas for the big question.

The idea of a romantic proposal is all about creating an intimate setting. Some people refer to it as a candle-lit dinner, which is a very typical idea when it comes to romance.

The great thing about a romantic proposal is that you can take it in any direction you would like. This includes, setting, type of food, location, and personalized gifts.

Your romantic dinner set up should symbolize the bond and meaningful relationship that has been built between the two of you.

Of course you would have to set up a nice dinner with champagne or wine in a nice location. It is important that the setting is quiet and serene whether it is by the water, on a roof top, or a private area for two. Nice views with lighting and candles are perfect for the evening.

Your first step is to write down a list of things she likes and her favorite environment so you can know exactly what details to include. Here is a list of small touches you can add to your proposal dinner.

  • Food: does she like ethnic food or a traditional gourmet dinner plate? You must consider whether she eats meat or if she prefers sea food. Seafood is a great suggestion for sharing.
  • If you prefer simple and light, appetizers and dessert is perfect! Keep it simple but tasty!
  • Fresh flowers: find her favorite roses or flowers and use them for decor on the table along with a separate set for her.
  • Champagne
  • Wine
  • Scented candles
  • A personalized gift that that only you two would know about (personal quotes, messages, songs, or music lyrics)
  • Music: If you play instruments this would be a perfect opportunity to play her a love song


The set up can be a glamorous turn out depending on what you make of it. If there is somewhere special you both have traveled together like Paris, France, Italy, or Greece, you can make a themed dinner. This would be a perfect way to bring back memories of your first experiences in love.

Your theme can include specific foods and personal gifts to match your destination. If there is a type of wine or cheese plate you both had during your travels use that to match your dinner theme. A small picture found in her bouquet of flowers would also make a thoughtful gesture.

The goal is to enjoy a quiet dinner with good food and conversation. Once you have put together all of your ideas decide on the perfect moment to pop the big question whether it is getting down on one knee or adding a subliminal message to her dessert dish.




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