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Radiant Engagement Rings

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Radiant Engagement Rings

The radiant diamond is described as a squared shaped diamond with trimmed cut corners. This type of cut reflects the same brilliance as classic round center stones show however it's color and clarity is based off of a squared layout. The beautiful radiant cut diamond was first created in the 1970's by a famous diamond cutter named Henry Grossbard. His intention was to create a fancy diamond shape with characteristics seen on an emerald stone and brilliant round diamond.
Some radiant cuts range from a sleek and thin rectangular look while other radiant diamonds have more of a square shaped look that is even on all four sides. The reason why the radiant diamond makes amazing engagement rings is because of it's forgiving cutting style. The large amount of facets on a radiant prevent lighting from enhancing inclusions or any small unwanted specs on a center stone. This is why radiant engagement rings never fail to sparkle and shine when set on most semi-mounts.
The best way to style your radiant cut center stone is setting this diamond on a halo, double halo, or solid 4 prong solitaire setting. The best looks include the fancy yellow radiant to contrast a stunning white diamond halo semi-mount or a classic radiant set on a fine 18k white gold prong setting.
After making your decision remember that you can include specific artistic details such as milgraining along an elegant split shank, adding a few micro pave set diamonds half way through your gold band, or even adding initials inside of the ring or basket area to personalize it and add special meaning.
Some people add initials and dates while others prefer to keep a simple style engagement piece that makes there radiant center stand out. The good news is that no matter what carat size or setting style you choose the radiant cut diamond will always shine bright because of intricate cutting style.

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The Radiant Halo Diamond Ring Solitaire Radiant

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