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Everything You Need to Know About GOLD!

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There truly is something special about gold; people all over the world prefer it over any other precious metal such as silver, platinum, etc. But many people are not aware of the special properties of gold and the many different forms it is available in. The most important properties of gold are its Purity and its Color.

It is very rare to find fine jewelry made out of 100% pure gold. Contrary to popular belief, it has nothing to do with the price but rather practicality. Pure Gold is too soft for jewelry as gold is not thought of as a hard metal. Therefore jewelers create jewelry with different purities of gold; different parts of gold mixed with other metals. The unit used to measure the amount of gold in a metal mixture is the Karat; which is 1/24th of pure gold. For example, 24K Gold is 100% Pure Gold and 18K Gold is 75% Gold.

The most common purities of gold used in jewelry are 10K (41.7% gold), 14K (58.3%), and 18K (75%) where usually anything above 18K is too soft for jewelry and anything below 10K is not thought of as a precious metal. These different Karat amounts include certain parts of gold to certain parts of other metals, such as silver, nickel, copper, and more. These extraneous metals give the jewelry its strength and durability that is required when shaped and set with stones.

The other important characteristic of gold is its Color. Gold's color may be determined by many factors such as which metals are mixed with the gold and what proportions of each metal is present in the mixture. The most common colors of gold are Yellow Gold, White Gold, and Rose Gold.

  • Yellow Gold: The most popular color of gold and the color closest to the natural color of pure gold. This color's most abundant metals are greenish silver particles as well as reddish copper alloys.
  • White Gold: This color mixture contains more silver than other colors of gold. It also contains white metallic alloys as well as a plating known as "Rhodium"
  • Rose Gold: A more modern color of gold, Rose Gold contains copper allows which give it its pinkish hue. the amount of these alloys depends on the purity of the gold where higher purities include less of these colored alloys and lower purities have an increased amount of alloys present

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