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Engagement Rings

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I was wondering today why the Engagement Ring has become such an important symbol for the milestone of marriage. We constantly obsess over diamond rings based on a variety of styles, colors, sizes, and the latest trends in season. This is essential to finding a perfect ring for yourself, however the value of an engagement ring is extremely high because it comes from an intimate place.

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When we purchase engagement rings we are sharing a custom that is over thousands of years old. The exchange of rings traces back to the 13th century. Romans believed a ring on your fourth finger is a connection between your finger and the heart. The fourth finger was referred to as "vena amoris". Duchess Mary of Burgundy is known for receiving the first diamond engagement in 1477. This has become an American tradition passed down from royal courtship. It is so important that we have the ring of our dreams because it symbolizes the unity between you and your other half.


Large antique ring settings are one of my favorite styles, these type of rings have unique characteristics that match my personal taste. This is why LeZari & Co. specializes in making custom diamond rings and offers a large variety of engagement ring settings. You have the option of creating a ring tailored to your taste ranging from a large set modern style, or choosing a stunning fancy yellow or pink colored stone. I cannot wait to go through my favorite style engagement rings to spark ideas on how to create a ring of your dreams.


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