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Diamond Simplicity this summer!

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LeZari & Co.'s Ring of the Week (J597)

Hello friends Summer is here and we have been skimming through some of our favorite ring selections to feature on our front page this season. We are starting off with a very simple engagement piece bright enough to light up a room.

This week we chose an Elegant engagement ring selection with a combination of baguette diamonds and a princess cut center stone featured in our Pret-a-Porter tab on LeZari's "Ready-to-Wear" collection

Style J597 shares a unique baguette design connected to the center prong setting. This isn't your typical basic diamond ring. The princess cut stands out and shines bright on a fine 18k white gold prong setting. The craftsmanship on this ring produces an artistic design made enhance the beautiful princess cut center stone.

The total diamond weight on this ring is approximately 1.50 carats so if you would like more of a glamorous look you have the option of creating a custom bridal set with LeZari. Style J597 is ready to be worn however if you have a matching ring in mind we can definitely help with a stunning bridal set for you!

Lezari carries a wide selection of ring settings and we also offer custom engagement ring services in case you have already created your dream wedding ring!

If you are in need of inspiration and engagement ring styling looks follow LeZari & Co.'s diamond feed on social media. We share new style and bridal lifestyle inspiration daily. Our blogs are filled with tons of important information you should know about diamonds. Thank you for reading....#followlezari

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To see style J597 LIVE click this link to our product page to watch our exclusive video with diamond ring close ups and brilliance! We are officially posting live videos of our gorgeous engagement ring collection!

LeZari & Co. Ring of the Week (J597)

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