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The Cushion shape diamond

The Cushion shape diamond was first created in the 19th century when diamonds were still cut by hand.The cushion cut diamond was referred to as an old mine cut that has a squared shape and round corners with a large faceted culet. Cushion shape stones feature a square round look; this old world charm was [...]

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Radiant Cut Diamonds

The Radiant Cut diamond referred to as: Square or Rectangular modified brilliantOrigin: 1977Facets: usually 75L x W ratio: 1-1.5 (square) 1-1.50 (rectangular)The radiant cut is known for it’s distinctive trimmed edges. This cut is a combination of the round, emerald, and princess shape diamond. GIA labs usually refer to it as a rectangular brilliant. The [...]

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Engagement Rings

I was wondering today why the Engagement Ring has become such an important symbol for the milestone of marriage. We constantly obsess over diamond rings based on a variety of styles, colors, sizes, and the latest trends in season. This is essential to finding a perfect ring for yourself, however the value of an engagement [...]

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Everything You Need to Know About GOLD!

There truly is something special about gold; people all over the world prefer it over any other precious metal such as silver, platinum, etc. But many people are not aware of the special properties of gold and the many different forms it is available in. The most important properties of gold are its Purity and its Color.It is very rare [...]

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Why Buy Certified Diamonds?

Buying a diamond is not always an easy task; for some people it may take them quite a bit of "shopping around" if they do not have the proper tools, resources, or know any Trustworthy experts who can correctly guide them in the right direction. Fortunately for these people, at LeZari & Co. most of our larger diamonds (0.75ct [...]

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Don’t Custom Design Jewelry Without Knowing the Facts!

When Custom Designing a piece of jewelry, there are quite a few stages that the piece will go through.It all starts with an idea. Our designers start by asking you all the specific questions necessary to make sure they draw up the perfect blueprint of what your imagination desires.When our clients knows exactly what they fall in love with, they [...]

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What Are "Halo" Rings?

The "Halo" has proven to be the most popular style engagement ring for the past several years. A halo is any encompassing shape that surrounds the center stone. Halos may be circular, oval, square shaped, or any other shape that encapsulates and complements the diamond.Today there a wide variety of Halo style rings available. Single Halo: One row [...]

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What is Diamond Color?

The color of a diamond may be one of the most important characteristics a diamond can have. It is the most notable aesthetic feature of a diamond (other than size) and it plays a huge role in the worth of a diamond. A perfect diamond will reflect no color or hue and will be transparent; these diamonds are [...]

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What is a Diamond's Carat Weight?

Carats are one of the Four C's of Diamonds and they refer to the weight of a stone. A carat is a world renowned unit of measurement regarding the weight of a diamond, gemstone, pearl, etc. The exact weight of one carat is equal to 200 milligrams, or one fifth of a gram. Carats can be used to describe [...]

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Facts You Should Know About a Diamond's Clarity

Of the Four C's of diamonds, Clarity is an important aspect of diamonds which unfortunately individuals often disregard. The clarity of a diamond refers to a scale which labels the quality of a diamond in regards to the quantity and size of inclusions or blemishes a diamond may have.            Inclusions, also known as internal characteristics, are visual aspects present inside [...]

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