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The Emerald Gemstone (Inspired by St. Patricks Day)

Happy St. Patrick's Day! We decided to get a little bit of insight on the Emerald gem to go with today's holiday theme. Here are some interesting facts about emerald diamonds along with emerald jewelry inspired looks. Emeralds are typically used for fine pieces of jewelry such as luxurious diamond necklaces, bracelets, royal diamond pendants, and [...]

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Top 5 Proposals

The Proposal... It was difficult to narrow down our top 5 best wedding proposals for spring because there are thousands of ways to say "Will you marry me?". You'll want it to be thoughtful, memorable, creative, and very romantic. Whether you decide to make it an intimate event between you and your loved one or [...]

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What is a Split Shank?

What about the Split-shank?We see this design featured on hundreds of different diamond ring settings. The split shank setting stood out today because there are so many ways in which this design can be styled and embellished to create the ultimate engagement ring.First of all a Split-shank is simply a ring design that splits two [...]

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LeZari & Co. Ring of the Week

LeZari & Co.'s ring of the week was inspired by our Rose Gold topic on Tuesday. I am obsessing over Rose Gold jewelry and LeZari's rose gold halo ring featured on the "In the City" tab would make a great addition to my ring collection.  This is our second week sharing a new item with an unbeatable [...]

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Rose Gold

Blush tones and light pink color schemes have made their mark through modern/ couture runway fashion shows. Light pink is romantic, timeless, and looks great on all skin tones. Although Rose Gold gold traces back to the Victorian Era this unique mixture of metals has re-established a soft and fashion forward vintage look in fine [...]

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Trend Alert: Stackable Wedding Bands

Who said wedding bands have to be worn solo? Some of our favorite and current jewelry trends consist of layering, the use of colored gems, and mixing and matching jewelry pieces. While looking through some of my favorite diamond ring styles today I realized that wedding bands are only combined for Bridal sets or a [...]

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Micro Pave

This mosaic style setting continues it's popularity with all types of diamond jewelry. This delicate style setting of tiny embedded diamonds originates back to cobble stone setting on european roadways.Here is some brief interesting information to know about the Micro pave diamond setting technique. Micro pave settings display a honey comb like pattern filled with [...]

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The "Prong" setting

There are a few "prong" setting selections on Lezari & Co.'s Pret-a-Porter tab I would like share with you. For those of you who fancy simple looks and prefer to stick with the classic style rings, the prong setting is your best choice. Thankfully we have a great selection of prong settings on Lezari's Pret-a-Porter [...]

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The Double Halo

Halo ring's where born in the 1920's. The halo ring design was created through jewelry craftsmanship during the Art Deco Era. The idea behind Art deco referred to Modern Design turned into fashion. The Halo design is a small array of brilliant white diamonds surrounded by a diamond ring center stone. Products made during this [...]

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The Past, Present, & Future Ring

Three stone engagement rings are well known for their romantic symbolism embracing the past, present, and the future of a relationship. These fancy rings are also referred to as a trilogy or trinity rings which make amazing anniversary gifts and meaningful engagement rings. This specific style represents a long lasting commitment and the value of [...]

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