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5 Reasons why you should celebrate your engagement in Paris

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Seeking adventure after your engagement is a wonderful way to build a stronger foundation before exchanging vows. The city of Paris is so dreamy, people do not call this place the city of love for no reason.

Why Paris? The cities reputation has been watered down within the past decade. Traveling to Paris is not some sort of bogus cliche for couples who are in love, learning about this places magical grounds might give you a new perspective and inspire you to add it to the bucket list. The city of Paris has exciting history and artistic depth; if you are planning on sharing your life together this is something you would not want your partner to miss out. Spontaneity and similar interests is probably what sparked a connection between the two of you in the first place so why not splurge on a lifetime memory.

The idea is to get the full experience by site seeing, wandering around the city, and eating delicious food. Of course visiting museums, beautiful gardens, and historic churches should be included in your itinerary.....oh and lets not forget about the tasteful pastries and amazing espresso tourists have been raving about for years. The ideal trip should be a minimum of 5 days for you both to get the best of the city. Aside from the following 5 reasons as to why your should travel to Paris before tying the knot consider reading books or watching movies before your trip.

  1. Site seeing: Louvre Museum one of the most visited museums in Paris. This royal palace is filled with beautiful Egyptian antiques, Islamic art, middle age sculptures, graphic arts and historic paintings. After sharing this amazing experience head to Notre Dame de Paris a Roman Catholic Cathedral built in 1163. Seeing this historic church is a must when in Paris, and also has 387 steps for visitors to climb up to the top of the towers. Lastly, the Eiffel tower of Paris. Bring your camera and take some memorable snap shots while looking over the city.

2. Good Food: The Paris Kitchen will teach you to eat like an insider. Read through the best restaurants to visit to get the full experience of Parisian culture, good food, and wine tasting! It is said that some of the best moments are shared across the table. Trying new foods like authentic gourmet sandwiches, cheese plates, and authentic traditional croissants. For a dessert stop by Lauduree and Pierre Herme for a must have macaroon and rich latte.

3. Moulin Rouge: The famous cabaret located in the heart of Pigalle. This famous tourist attraction was in 1889 as a courtship dance and is now famous all around the world. This is a perfect activity after dinner for a night out on the town.

4. Boat Ride: When the sun sets enjoy a cruise together on the seine. This boat ride will give you an over view of the city and also has front water dining for you to enjoy a peaceful dinner by the water.

5. Explore and enjoy the city: Stop by any local markets for gourmet appetizers and wine, choose your favorite dishes to create a picnic basket and have a nice lunch at a local park. You can pack anything from sandwiches to fruit and dessert to enjoy some peaceful quiet time; a perfect opportunity to embrace the city and spend quality time together. 

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