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The Fall Season Bride

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This week we are inspired by the Wittner Bridal 2015 Campaign featured on the Bride to Be Australia magazine. The idea behind this campaign is for a Bride to Step into Love. How romantic is this bridal theme?! The idea behind this shoot represents the NEW bride, a fresh and modern approach to wedding glamour.

The look on the Wittner Bride is styled with soft neutral colors that showcase a classic and contemporary look. Color schemes are a combination of blush tints, classic whites, dove grey, and mirrored silvers. Talented stylist Alana Wilkinson did wonderful work mixing and matching soft fabrics with sparks of metallic silver in addition to Wittner bridal shoe collection. Of course we have chosen three bridal item ideas for you to choose from, however the look is completely inspired by the Wittner Bride.

Tune into our social media feed to get more details and see our favorite Wittner Bride selections and styling bridal advise for Alana Wilkinson.

Wedding Day Nail Polish

Bride to be Australia mag suggests off white cream colors and light pinks are the best options for your wedding day. We Agree! Light colors emphasize the shape of your nail and create a clean and crisp looking manicure. YSL De rose, OPI Sweetheart, and Essie allure are our top three choices from the bunch. Simple and Classy!

Wedding Nail Polish

Paris Ballet

Let's face it after 6-8 hours of walking around in your fabulous wedding day heels you are bound to call for back up. The Paris nude studded mesh flats are an absolute royalty. The color is neutral with a soft look and sparkles from a far with metallic studded rhinestones. You can match these with any dress and still show off a fashion forward look.

Anita Wittner Bride

Who says you have to stick to the basics. Modern women are stylish and innovative don't be scared to take risks! The stunning Anita rose gold leather heels will be unforgettable. These are a perfect match for a soft colored gown whether it is a light blush sheer material, classic white, or a satin pear colored gown. The rose gold metallic will make a statement no matter what, no to mention how brilliant your pedicure will look on these sandal heels with Essie allure nail polish we chose above.

Stop by our Blog weekly for Inspiration on fashion forward Bridal Styling and ideas with must have items on your wedding day. We are all about recreating the Modern Bride and choosing our favorite designers and products to help narrow down your personal style. 


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