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Adventurous Proposals


Seeking adventure is a wonderful way to take your relationship to the next level. For couples who like keeping there leisure time on the spontaneous side choosing an adventurous activity is a perfect opportunity to propose. Yes, this means anything outdoors and in action should take place.

Choose one of your favorite activities and personalize it by planning how you would ask the big question.

For example if you choose to take your partner on a helicopter ride around the city and over the ocean you can plan to fly by a set up sign on a bill board or building. If this suggestion is a little too extreme you can also have your family and friends help you hold a enormous sign upon landing that says Will you Marry Me?

Helicopter rides are exciting, you can both enjoy a captivating scenery together before the special moment! 



For outdoor enthusiasts a beautiful long trail hike is your best bet. You can make this hike a one day adventure. Take a road trip to one of the most fascinating hikes near your location and plan to propose until you both arrive to that gorgeous waterfall or mountain peak.

You can both take snacks, water and ofcourse a camera to capture this wonderful experience. Spending quality time together and being at one with nature is priceless, it is a great way to take your friendship and love to the next level.

It shouldn't end there, after popping the big question and finishing your long hike continue to your road trip to tourist towns near by and stop by stores or small boutique restaurants.




If you want to be really daring, Go Sky diving together! Experience a profound sense of freedom and conquer your fear of heights. While getting that intense adrenaline rush enjoy a peaceful view on your way down.This is definitely a moment you can both save for the books.

Choose whether you would like to propose before or after. If you choose to propose afterward you can both enjoy a romantic dinner with a sunset view. Make reservations to your favorite place with a nice setting and let host and server know about the occasion upon the arrival.







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